Sunday, July 3, 2011

Watermark - Poiema Creations

Poiema Creations - is my personal "watermark" or signature for copyright purposes.

It is placed across the center of each painting to show that this painting is my property and is not to be copied for any use without my express permission. This is a digital signature artists and photographers use to protect their works when posting them online.

Unfortunately, many artists have had their works "stolen" and used by others for their own purposes, with no credit or financial compensation given to the actual artist. Therefore, the watermark was established.

I chose "Poiema Creations" for my personal watermark because I believe that God has given me this talent to compensate for my disabilities. Through my art, I can be productive and contribute to society. Through my art, I can both learn and teach. Through my art, I can Glorify Him and Praise Him for all His many wondrous blessings in my life. I thank God for allowing me to use this talent to create this Children's book. A book of fun art and learning, for all ages!

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