Friday, July 15, 2011

A Month of Attitude

In "A Month of Attitude" I wanted to give a glimpse of the many "faces" our Pip showed us during her first month in the nest! Yes, sir, that's our baby --- and ain't she grand!?! This was painted as six separate paintings and then put into this chronological collage! Talk about memories! WOW


  1. Hey- Said! missed seeing you around- have you been overr to Paulas?

    I think I asked you before- since the other pics identify Pip so clearly, do you think you could do a total face plant? Label if necessary.These are truly all questions- or suggestions that may or may not be necessary to your thinking- I have 0 problems with your not liking any of my ideas! :-)

  2. another idea I had- maybe eggsaturate the differences through the sequence???

    Can you make a pic of Pip badgering Vi or Bobby? I reeaalize, that may be your next pic! anyway.

    LOL (lots of love)- meg 1303

  3. I have been giving out this address If people would like to see some of my art work- Ill put up more each day, I think.

    your comments appreciated- many people not sure of whatexactly the image is, so would be glad to email explanations.