Friday, October 21, 2011

God Speed, Pip

  The hardest, yet happiest day, was June 23, 2011. On that day, Pip fledged from the 12th floor ledge of the NYU Bobst Library Building at WSP ... never to return.
While we wish her "God Speed" on her journey into migratory status, our hearts are already filled with the empty nest syndrome discovered by all parents when their beloved child leaves home for the first ... and last ... time.
Although we are only her God-parents, we have loved this Red Tailed Hawk and her Mom & Dad for so long and so intensely, that the bonds formed can never be broken. — at NYU-New York University Bobst Library.

Any Copyright infringement is strictly unintentional. I legally purchased the song "Time to Say Goodbye" from as an MP3 download. Additionally, I give full credit for the song to Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman in the video credits. I will appreciate it if you would let me know if this, in any way, constitutes an infringement, and I will remove the music. Thank you. Saidhbhin


  1. Said, you need to look at
    Pip peeps are commenting on your awesome video there...btw, it's wonderful and brought tears. I'm a lurker...

  2. Said, more specifically..."7:31 PM Sea: Boy just played Said's vd again, between that and the other one enought to send me over the emotional edge!
    7:56 PM khpipwatcher: I just saw it, too, Sea - wow! (thank you, Said!) Beautiful.
    8:10 PM squirly: I'm sitting here sobbing my little heart out. Thank you Said...thank you thank you thank you..."
    Wanted to be sure you saw it! :)

  3. said, you did it again, absolutely awesome video. glad to see you're still drawing pip!!

  4. Hi Said..The paintings are beautiful. The little video is great. I came here for a look, motivated by the new talk of Violet's bad foot. I feel like I've gone back in time! Thank you for your art which captures the happy times that followed "the bad foot news days". May good luck visit Violet again!