Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fledging Draws Near

Early morning jump-flaps! Many a time we would log on to the "Live From the Nest" cam only to wonder "Where's Pip" and all the typical questions would start showing up in the chat room! "Where's Pip" "Did she fall out of the nest" "Is she gone" and the answer was always the same ... "No, Pip is ledging - out of view of the cam" but occasionally she'd grace us with her presence and give us a glimpse of her beauty and grace as we nervously bit our nails in fear of her falling before she was able to fly! Oh, boy, those are some memorable times, for sure! — at NYU-New York University Bobst Library

  Our girl is "Ready to Soar" She fledged on June 23, 2011 and we celebrated with laughter and tears ... and go back and watch the videos again and again and again! We can just imagine the feeling of pride and accomplishment! We, as her adopted god-parents, felt that pride, too! Our little girl has grown up into quite a beautiful young lady!

— with Violet, Pip and Bobby at NYU-New York University Bobst Library.

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