Monday, June 27, 2011

President Sexton spies the Hawks!

All artwork is copyright: Poiema Creations

This is my illustration of President John Sexton. I painted every tiny detail in this painting! His first sighting of the RTs building their nest outside his office!

**IMAGE UPDATED- This image has been updated to reflect the seasonal changes over the period of time the nest was being built. I forgot to take that into account. Oops, My Bad!!!


  1. Cheryl
    As usual you have outdone yourself. This is gorgeous! The details are incredible! I wish I had some of your talent, but I'm glad you have it every time I see your work! Two thumbs up!!

  2. Fantastic Said!!!! You have done such a WONDERFUL bunch of paintings here! I am really enjoying them all
    Hawklover (Montana)